Interview Tips

Here are some helpful tips and advice to prepare you for your next interview:

Make sure you have sufficient paper and envelopes at home to print your curriculum vitae, covering letters and other documents of correspondence. Well prepared and organised people get more interviews.

Learn proper letter writing ettiquette for your covering letters as well as thank you letters.

Keep a record of all your written and verbal communication with each employer and any notes you have made about each employer.

Ensure that you are dressed immaculately for every interview. You do not necessarily need to have an expensive designer suit. But you should always wear a suit to an interview, it should be clean, smart and pressed. Your shoes should be formal in style and polished. It is a good idea to take a comb with you in case the wind messes up your hair on the way.

Put together a file for the interview with your C.V. in a plastic sleeve, a document outlining your strengths and your goals, as well as a pen and pad to take notes before and after the interview.

Bring the file to the interview, make sure you know the name of the people whom you will meet as well as the address of the employer and how to get there. If you are not sure where the employer's premises are and they are locally based, it is often a good idea to take a look around a day or two before the interview so you know exactly where you are going.

If you have a cold, it might be an idea to take with you a handkerchief and cough sweets.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time. Arrive a little before the interview time, never late.

After the interview, you should immediately send a letter of thanks. Even if you dont get the job, they will remember people who thanked them and are more likely to invite you to another interview for any future positions available.

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